Slipping on a wet floor, tripping on a stack of books, or twisting your ankle in an open pothole doesn’t sound like a serious injury to most, but the effects of such a fall could last a lifetime. Everyday, devastating and debilitating injuries result from falls due to negligence on the part of property owners, private companies, and employers. The hardship of physical pain combined with the financial losses of missed pay checks and massive medical bills can turn a family inside out. But there is hope. At Bernhardt, Rothermel & Siegel, PC, our team of experienced slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia and the surrounding cities can help you recover from your losses.

There are hundreds of situations that can lead to a slip and fall accident. Failure to remove snow and ice from sidewalks could cause a serious fall. Tripping over objects left negligently in walkways may also cause major injuries. Failure to adequately light dark areas, steps, or uneven surfaces may be responsible for a serious slip and fall accident. Injuries due to building code violations may also entitle you to compensation. Visit one of the attorneys at any of our convenient locations, and we’ll help you get a settlement to pay for your pain and financial losses.

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